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Will the real estate prices continue to improve?

System - Friday, January 16, 2015

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Las Vegas property management market is “Will Las Vegas home prices continue to go up?”  For many I would always say “Yes”, then 2006 hit.  The proceeding four years led to a 70% drop in some parts of the Las Vegas real estate market. So now when I get this question, which is at least once a day, I like to look at multiple facts and data to back my opinions.


Our property management software company recently posted an article regarding home prices. If this holds true for Las Vegas, both are real estate and property management divisions will be busy.  They are predicting a double-digit growth for 2015.  From various sources, the median priced home in Las Vegas is roughly $204,000. If the prediction for this upcoming year is correct, many homeowners will have appreciation rates around $1600/month.  If you are a current Las Vegas investor, this would be something I would strongly consider. Especially if you have a great resident in your property right now, making them feel at home and being a good landlord would be my top priority.


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