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The Accidental Landlord: 5 Things You Must Consider Before Signing the Lease

System - Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Being born in raised in Las Vegas, many of my clients ask me about the overall health of the Las Vegas rental market for investment purposes.  While I feel Las Vegas is a bit different than most rental markets, I personally look to see what is happening on other real estate fronts to help gauge the overall health of our industry.  This includes the obvious - interest rates, unemployment, and overall consumer confidence.  But paying attention to technology trends can help assist my company in dealing with Las Vegas rental market.  An example of this is good resident screening software.  Most individuals simply ask about credit scores, but that is only one piece of the pie. 


Having limited knowledge of the screening capabilities available to property management companies can cripple you before you move your new resident in.  This is just one of the many mistakes landlords make when attempting to manager their own properties.  For more examples of mistakes landlords make please look at what our software company we personally utilize for Robinson Realty & Management recently blogged about.


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