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North Las Vegas investors get some great news

System - Tuesday, March 8, 2016
Some more great news for North Las Vegas property management companies and the various real estate investors that have purchased property in North Las Vegas. They have had one "stinky" problem to deal with - RC farms, a 153 acre pig farm. Many Las Vegas real estate investors rushed into buying rental properties with limited research about RC farms. I have received numerous calls from current, and future real estate investors that were unaware of the large pig farm in North Las Vegas. Nevada did not require any legal disclosures, so many times investors acquired rental properties without knowing about the farm. People in the surrounding area, were very familiar with the farm, especially on hot windy days when the stench would go for miles. The owner, Robert Combs, wasn't eager to move or sell his property. Plus, many of the local casinos would send their spoiled food over to the farm to feed the pigs.

It was announced this week, the owner would put the property up for sale shortly. They were hoping to get roughly $31 million for the vacant land. More importantly, RC Farms will be looking to relocate to the APEX area, roughly 15 miles north east of their current location. This is where much of our future industrial growth will occur. Since Faraday Future, the Chinese automaker, just penciled a deal to build a large production facility in the area. By bringing out additional infrastructure, this will continue to help Nevada diversify our income and bring in new industry. This bodes well for the Las Vegas, and North Las Vegas rental market. Many people relocating to Las Vegas, utilize property management companies, like Robinson Realty and Management, To find a new home while they get situated in their job. As for North Las Vegas Real estate, this will continue to help the city recover from the great recession.

For more information, please click on the link below for the article posted in the Las Vega Review Journal earlier this week.