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Is your Las Vegas rental property vacant?

System - Monday, November 2, 2015


Whether you are selling a home in the Las Vegas real estate market, or currently dealing with a rental property in Las Vegas, it's important to be aware of the downfalls of having a vacant home. Every month around this time, Robinson Realty Management sees multiple thirty-day move out notices from our current residents.  Typically we are able to have the property back on the rental market within 24 hours, and have informed the owner of this temporary change of their Las Vegas rental property. However, the top few problems we see that our landlords do is not to address typical landlord maintenance and repairs in a timely manner, or attempt to price their home at the peak of the market. This can be a seasonal problem, seeing that the winter months are sometimes two or three times to turn around time frames as the summer months.


With the Las Vegas rental market being part of the great recession, one of the major issues has been vacancy. This has led to many burglars and vagrants occupying many Las Vegas vacant rental properties. My suggestion is simple, make sure to listen to your property manager and create an effective marketing campaign that will adapt throughout the year based on current market conditions. We had Robinson Realty Management feel that each property deserves special treatment, and having an open line of communication with our landlords is paramount.


This recent article still shows both Las Vegas rental properties, and homes for sale to be nearly 3% of all homes in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, the burglars and less desirable's prey on these properties. Please communicate with your Las Vegas property manager and make sure your insurance covers you after 30 days.

Las Vegas still ranks among nation’s worst for share of vacant houses - (As stated in VEGAS INC, October 2015)