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Internet Marketing Concerns?

System - Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The ever-growing Internet is changing the marketplace for nearly all consumers and business owners. For the Las Vegas real estate industry, along with property management and rental companies in Las Vegas, the Internet’s continues to reach new customers at a rapid pace. But recently has become a nuisance of sorts for real estate professionals.  When I first started in this business nearly 15 years ago, there were few ways a customer would reach us: from a sign in the front yard, an ad we placed in a magazine, or another realtor calling them the MLS.  We were able to handle those “legitimate” calls nearly 7 days a week. If you were a true go-getter, most people could reach you from 7 AM to 10 PM.

Now we are dealing with the new tech companies and numerous websites marketing real estate professional listings homes for sale and rent.  Companies like Zillow and Trulia have changed our marketplace drastically. Since companies like this extrapolate our information and post it to their websites along with other local government data, they have increased our market exposure tenfold. From our client’s perspective this sounds awesome!  Unfortunately, this has completely saturated our ability to answer our phones on the first few rings or respond efficiently to the numerous emails.

The number one problem is these websites are not accurate in “true time” like the MLS. Many times potential customers are calling on old listings, upwards of 2 to 3 months old. For me personally, my company use to average 120 phone calls a day. For the past 12 months, we have averaged upwards of 500 phone calls a day! Which roughly 80% of these calls are for homes already sold, or rented. For Las Vegas property managers especially, the potential applicant on the other end of the phone call is looking for rental purpose only. So the value of time versus compensation is limited by trying to convert that customer to other homes in the marketplace.  For a successful real estate agent, selling two to four homes a month is impressive. The real estate agent may handle 100 phone calls a month from potential buyers, but the return on your time is justified. Whereas property managers, we have to rent 30 to 50 homes a month, which could lead to 1000’s of phone calls that really don’t go anywhere.

At Robinson Realty & Management, we strive to market our properties effectively and accurately. We don’t try to mislead the consumer with vague verbiage or minimal pictures. Our goal is to report and market the true property, so that we may develop a long and trusting relationship. We rather represent our clients by focusing on their specific properties, and not trying to develop new potential clients. As I have always told my team, can’t trick somebody into liking the house!